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Food flavor has become an indispensable force for the development of China's food industry

The modern food industry is all-embracing. In addition to the rapid increase in food processing technology and the constant discovery of edible and plant resources, the enormous contribution of thousands of food essences to food development cannot be ignored. The owner of a well-known food additive company told reporters that consumers would like to taste what they want. Although this is not an exaggeration, it is enough to show that edible flavors have a significant effect on the prosperity of the food market.
Flavors and spices are widely used as a food additive. It has been in the world for more than 100 years and has been in China for more than 20 years. The first recorded human synthetic fragrance was vanillin, developed by German scientists in 1874. Vanillin is the main component of the natural spice vanilla bean, and German scientists synthesized artificial vanillin almost no difference with natural vanillin. The German who first applied this artificial fragrance was added to the chocolate food to increase the natural aroma. Shortly afterwards, candy processors in London, United Kingdom, also began to use hard fruit candy to produce hard fruit sugar, continuing the unique role of artificial flavors in enriching food tastes.
According to experts, food flavor is a natural flavor flavored additive that is formulated with natural and natural flavors and synthetic flavors based on natural food flavors. At present, various flavoring products in the food flavor industry in China, such as fruits, dairy products, poultry, meat, vegetables, nuts, candied fruit, emulsified products, and alcoholic beverages, have been widely used in beverages, biscuits, cakes, and frozen foods. Food, candy, seasonings, dairy products, canned food, wine and other foods, edible flavor has become an indispensable force for the development of China's food industry.
However, with the health effects that green foods and organic foods have brought to consumers in recent years, pure natural products seem to have become the protagonists of food additives, and many synthetic food flavors, although they have been and are playing an obvious and positive However, many consumers ignore it and even consider it as a hidden danger to food safety. According to this expert, as long as there are national standards and food flavors that are strictly produced according to the standard, they can be completely equivalent to their corresponding natural products. Consumers need not smell the color change. On the contrary, the use of edible essences not only saves natural resources, greatly reduces product costs, but also has a multiplier effect in enriching food types and flavors, and brings endless enjoyment to consumers' lives.
Qingdao Huadi Group, which has won development opportunities and market benefits in edible essence products, has provided food and beverage manufacturers both at home and abroad with a wide range of flavors and thousands of products, including sweetness and salty taste. "Taste sources". From the initial sweet flavor of the first sweet flavor, to the current series of flavor products, you want to smell the flavor of the series, Qingdao Flower has experienced all the way to incense, all the way to incense and All the way to the development of incense.
The development of the edible flavor industry cannot be separated from the market demand, and the prosperity of the food market also benefits from the healthy development of the edible flavor industry. Qingdao Flower grows in this interdependent and mutually reinforcing industrial development environment. In recent years, milk tea has become more and more popular in the market. After inspecting Qingdao Flower Emperor, it has been learned that milk tea powder flavors that are urgently needed by milk tea makers are scarce due to the lack of domestic manufacturers. Through many communication with milk tea manufacturers, Qingdao Huadi believes that the development of this product is not a difficult task. It has mobilized technical forces to conduct product analysis and experimentation, and quickly developed a development plan. In less than two weeks, it was developed. Milk tea powder flavor suitable for large-scale milk tea production enterprises not only satisfies the needs of the domestic market, but also reviewed its own strength.
In order to consolidate the existing market, Qingdao Huadi has also successively developed powdered flavors for bakery products, as well as newer products such as fresh creamer, sweet corn oil flavor, and sesame oil flavor that were relatively scarce on the market. According to Huadi technical personnel, the fresh creamer they developed not only has rich milk flavor, but also is fresh and natural. Adding it to baking products such as cakes and breads can significantly improve the overall aroma effect of the product, compared to similar products at a price. It also occupies a great advantage; sweet corn oil flavor is not only sweet aroma of fresh corn, but also a realistic taste of cooked corn, suitable for use on European corn bread; sesame oil flavor made with a small mill, with a rich Sesame aroma, added to moon cakes and other products, can not only present the pure aroma of sesame seeds, but also has good sales.
Recently, another new product developed by Qingdao Huadi, galactin, also successfully launched before the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. According to reports, galactin is made from ethyl maltol, vanillin, ethyl vanillin, and imported natural milk fat and other "big" ingredients. It is an important substitute for dairy products. High temperature resistance and other significant effects, but also has a strong long-lasting milk flavor. It is a popular product widely used in foods such as ice cream, candy, cakes, beverages, bread, chocolate, and biscuits.
Sweet flavors are outstanding and are equally impressive in the development of salty flavors. According to the person in charge of Qingdao Huadi, the consumption of salty flavor is a new type of flavor developed internationally in the 1970s. China began to develop and produce it from the 1980s and entered a rapid development stage in the 1990s. At present, China's salty food flavor production technology has reached the world's advanced level, production and consumption also ranked the world's forefront. Since salty food flavors are also used as seasoning essences, in recent years, some seasoning products produced by Qingdao Huadi have also benefited from its excellent quality salty flavor.
Qingdao Huadi has dozens of best-selling salty markets, including chicken flour, pork flour, beef flour, mutton flour, bovine bone cream, old soup flour, meat flavoring agents, and the U.S. Beef King. Flavor essence, freshly-baked seasoning essences such as onion fragrant chicken paste, soy sauce boiled ointment, teriyaki sauce beef essence oil, onion fragrant chicken essence and transdermal flavoring agent, all have undergone great popularity. On the one hand, it shows that as the leader of salty flavor manufacturers, Qingdao Huadi has the credibility in the domestic food industry, especially in the food and beverage industry. On the other hand, it also explains that food flavor enriches food types, optimizes the structure of the dishes, and beautifies them. The magical effect of the fineness of the dishes.
Ethyl maltol, as a broad-spectrum flavoring agent, has become an essential basic spice for food flavoring. With the growing demand for the spice market, China has also become a major producer and exporter of ethyl maltol. Qingdao Flower Emperor cannot naturally be excluded from this ambitious production group.
Not only cannot be excluded, but also continue to act as the leader. It is understood that in order to develop high-quality ethyl maltol products, Qingdao Huadi Group did not hesitate to invest 600,000 US dollars to introduce the latest international technology, and introduced a new generation of ethyl maltol, a unique ethyl maltol, to the market.
According to industry insiders, especially pure ethyl maltol is not only more effective than ethyl maltol in terms of sweetening, flavoring, acid suppression, bitterness, antimony, antiseptic, and high temperature resistance, but also greatly reduced. The intrinsic charred odor of ethyl maltol makes the flavoring effect of the product more natural, innocent and stable.
The exceptionally pure ethyl maltol has good solubility and can be sublimated at a relatively low temperature, and this property directly determines the specific effects of its flavoring. Therefore, it is widely used in ice cream, beverages, meat products, candy and biscuits and other foods that need to show aroma.
Experts believe that it is not possible to treat pure ethyl maltol as an ordinary flavoring agent simply because, if so, vanillin and pyrazine flavors have the same role in food processing. Only the special pure ethyl maltol can be regarded as a kind of partner that can effectively reflect the flavor of food, in order to bring its unique effects into full play.
Extra-pure ethyl maltol also has the effect of improving the performance of food ingredients. Food manufacturers cannot ensure the stability of each batch of raw materials during the procurement process. In this case, if there is no addition of functional flavorings, it is likely to affect the quality of the final product. The special and pure ethyl maltol can well remove the raw material's taste, smell and long-lasting fragrance. In this regard, experts from all over the world have conducted repeated experiments and full arguments and obtained consensus. For example, some frozen meats and fledglings in meat processing cannot be compared with fresh meats in meat quality or meat sense, but adding special ethyl maltol can minimize the gap between the two.
Not only that, the special ethyl maltol also coordinates the overall flavor of the flavored product. The flavor of modern foods is very diverse and the manufacturer has a wide range of choices of seasonings. However, if the seasonings cannot be accurately selected and the proportion of the seasonings is not well understood, the desired results cannot be achieved as usual. The special pure ethyl maltol does not need to produce the above concerns, it does not highlight its own fragrance, but as a base material to enhance, modify and balance the overall flavor of the food, so that the food flavor is more perfect, smooth and harmonious.
In addition, the special ethyl maltol can also be used as an antioxidant to prevent adverse reactions to food and extend the storage time of foods. From the above function point of view, it does have advantages that certain natural food additives do not have. Therefore, the use of artificial flavors and fragrances to enrich food categories and then develop the food industry will, to some extent, have a multiplier effect.