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1. I think entrepreneurship is from ignorance to selflessness and fearlessness!
At this time we were young and frivolous, and we determined that we must do something in this life! At that time, we did not know the actual situation of the venture at all. It was because of this ignorance that we were brave and courageous. Imagine that we knew that starting a business is so troublesome. We really don't have the bottom-line. We know that the more we don’t know, the more we don’t dare to move. By today, we have gained appreciation and sustenance from many noble people along the way, gained more recognition and attention from the community, and received help from a large number of brothers and sisters for the common cause. Therefore, the platform of Green Rattan is no longer a personal one. Acts, we only altruism, love, sharing, can hold green rattan food technology, to be a veritable green rattan food technology, to do better green rattan food technology! Because we have this kind of heart and mission, we are selfless in our hearts, so we are fearless!
2, from the Heaven Road to diligence to Heaven Road to pay!
At first, we have no resources, no relationship and no experience. We can only rely on hard work, diligence, and hard work, and we can survive! Today, we have accumulated a certain amount of resources. Then, the biggest cost is a mistake in decision-making. A big risk is a split. Bigger hidden dangers are mixed thinking. You can't follow the same desire, and you will naturally follow the same path to the same dream. To go to the same room, at the end of the game. So this time we need the road, we need culture, we need to understand the laws of the enterprise and need to go the right way! The sword is in the palm and the right side is right and the German side is capable! Otherwise, it will be innocent and cold. It has helped and supported the hope of our colleagues in Green Rattan Food Technology!
3, from the near Yue Yuan to come to the Executive Avenue to the world!
Start partners can buy a house to buy a car, red points every year, this is to let the people around him live well for everyone, so the far one will see it! "The old people rely on such a big bowl to drink, eat big meat," and "have great loyalty to the rivers and lakes." Therefore, we need to put aside our own personal feelings, small benevolences, and ideas that come first! Indescribable, small righteous injustice. We must proceed from the overall situation and use the green rattan food science and technology as the starting point to set aside individual ingredients to ensure that the green rattan food technology can keep going! The road to Jian, the original road, all for the root of green rattan food technology, for the overall situation that is right! To hold the avenue is to do the right thing, not to make it feel comfortable and be a good person! Only by doing the right thing forever, can we ensure the interests of everyone in Green Rattan Food Technology and ensure the development of Green Rattan Food Technology! Business development period.
Those who have paid the most fear are the yellow flowers tomorrow! Without him, there will be no business today, but with him there will be no business tomorrow! In this way, we must land safely, and release the right to release alcohol by the glass! The talent itself is used, and you can use it if you can use it. Including the chairman himself in the ability, the need to go on, you need to retreat and retreat, retired respect, enshrined, and can only be right! Crossing the river does not remove the bridge. The bridge will not be demolished. The bridge cannot bear the future. My idea may be a lot of criticisms for the time being, but I don't care. I'm only responsible for the results. I don't care about fame! The basic tactics of the strategist is to set aside itself for the future! Be responsible for the result! Ci does not hold pawns, but does not seek wealth! Small good, good, too good is all evil. Only care for the individual's heart, Xiao Yan Xiao Ren's small righteousness, and the unreal person cannot lead 3,000 soldiers! It is harmful, ruin your business and destroy your home! I only give myself a position in this life --- strategist!
4. If the corporate person is a strategist, he is the strategist of the commander's world war!
Of course, the economic world is a big business war! The origin of Green Rattan Food Science and Technology, the name of Green Rattan Food Science and Technology itself is a grand strategy of the century. This needs more than a hundred years. Green Rattan Food Science and Technology should be accountable to future generations. Five generations and ten generations will know whether to win! If you don't accumulate pacers, you will not be able to reach thousands of miles. The most beautiful young people are struggling! When you are young, you are not frivolous. You are not stable in middle age. When you are old, you are not indifferent. You have never started this life! The wonderful start has been doomed, so a very insistent will not end!